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Exploring Kink While Brown... Journey beginning (Part 1:1)

SexualityDaVina Harvey1 Comment

I’m currently just trying to live life.  You know all the regular things… drink water, eat fresh, twists my afro up at night, and determine what kinks and fetishes float my boat.  This year I’m try to be the best me and as a grown woman I feel part of the best is determining where on the sexual kink spectrum I fall.  What purpose is sex (sexual activities) if you are not doing the things your body and spirit want to do?  I ended 2017 on a search.  I searched for websites, groups of people, educational forums that meet locally, and in person clubs or facilities.  I succeeded in finding page after page worth of information,  I found awesome websites, and even connected with a few people. There was a slight gap in the information I found...the brown people were missing.

I am all for loving everyone.  I love purple, black, pink, and orange equally.  Though with intimate things and issues dealing with my comfort level I do feel more secure and open with people from my own culture.  Sex and kink are some of the most intimate things that I could possible be delving into and to not see myself present in that realm kind of bothers me.  When I needed to learn how to care for my natural hair I turned to my community, when I needed help with eating healthy I went to my community, but when finding out how to delve deeper into my sexuality I’m out here alone?

The mentality that black people have when it comes to sex and kink obviously has some historical and psychology based roots, but I can’t dim my sexual flamefor hangups others have.   This month I will be attending a kink meet and greet, I will be attending a BDSM dungeon, a munch , and buying a few toys and books.  I’ll be posting videos and pictures when I can to chronicle my journey.  Wish me luck!