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Submitting To Other Women/ Humbling Yourself/ Acts of Service

Self GrowthDaVina HarveyComment

Relationships (intimate wise), relationships (everyday wise), and relationships in business and networking all have different dynamics for me.  Everyday wise in a relationship I am a partner I’m equal I’m a helpmate it certain circumstances I am submissive, in my intimate relationships I am BEYOND submissive majority of the time, but when it comes to business and the community of women I network in I tend to be more so a dominant personality.  (oddly enough majority of the women I’m around are also dominant). This last year I have found myself submitting to other women. At first there was a discomfort associated with the process a feeling of relinquishing power and the “i know it all” security blanket. A sense of fear in putting my education, finances, or even sometimes health in the hands of another.  At first it was scary. I had to literally have little mental pep talks with myself. “Bree you are not the best at everything” “Bree you can’t teach yourself everything via youtube and books” “Bree we have elders for a reason” and the self chats go on and on but they helped me. Eventually I learned to give in and let the universe teach me how to learn and receive from others.  

Amina the lead educator and owner of “Atlanta Tantra”  (ig: @atltantra and @atltantrafest) is one of the women I have had no problem submitting to and will continue to do so when and if she needs it.  She has shown me a perfect example of how a woman of power walks in grace, purpose, and humility. Who knows that others are willing to do for her and help in whatever way possible but only takes what is needed and gives back just as much as she uses if not more.  She is reciprocity.I know that what she speaks and teaches resonates with me, I know that she values elders, education, and paying homage to those before her. I know that she recognizes that her financial growth isn’t stunted by helping other woman achieve theirs.  I know that women like her give a lot of themselves and take a lot onto their plates. They give emotionally, physically, energetically, time, and sometimes even financially. There has to be a balance so that we don’t drain and burn them out.

Acts of service are one of the greatest ways to show your love for another woman.  Do you need me to help you clean up.. Do you want me to post your event or product… Do you need help setting up...What do you need...Are you okay…. Have you rested want me to get you anything?  These are all things you need to be asking the healers in your life. Your healers can be your pastor, your best friend who sometimes you unknowingly unload your emotional baggage onto, your yoga instructor, your tantra teacher, your reiki practitioner , your massage therapist, and the list goes on.  You do not OWN THEIR POSITIVE ENERGY YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DRAIN THEM. Wells can be run dry by thirsty asses. Rains have to fill them back up. If you aren’t willing to reciprocate then leave them alone and let them continue on through life without your presence.

My dance instructor and friend Naomi is a beautiful soul.  The dance that she performed for Amina was real, personal, and an act of submission and thanks.  Naomi is a bold big powerful energy in her own right and to watch her bow to another woman and give thanks through her art form made me happy and proud this morning.  I’m so happy with the women I am around, I am blessed with the women the universe provides me the pleasure of getting to know, and I’m happy in my growth. When you see your circle and community forming make sure you take the time to identify those strong figures and healers in your circle and make sure you take care of them.


1) promote their events/ products

2) when they have an event offer 2-3 hours of your time and tell them you are of assistance to them

3) ask them if there is any errand you can run

4) tell them what crafts, trades, arts you are good at and ask them how that can benefit them.