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Whipping My Skin Into Shape

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31 has me wanting to turn all types of leaves over.  I lost some weight, lost a boyfriend (juries out whether that was good or bad) , started loving myself ALOT more , and one of the more visible changes is I took control of my skin care.  Taking care of my skin is part of my self care and self love ritual system. This entry is more specifically based on my facial care. I tend to have problematic, irritable, picky ass skin.  I burn in the summer, I get eczema if the moon comes up at night, I had some chin hair thanks to my mothers genetics (yeah we are going to talk about this since you women like to pretend it doesn’t happen), I have adult acne that matured from teen acne lol, and I have darks marks from years of picking bumps.  I woke up and one day decided I had to figure this puzzle out. I wanted to be able to get up in the morning put some moisturizer on and feel pretty… I needed to feel confident… I needed to feel like I didn’t need makeup to look polished.

Dark Marks- I had mark marks that were years old.  I caused most of them from picking bumps and some from pulling the lovely chin hairs out.   I went to a Med Spa and with the help of a professional we made a plan which I tweaked a little.  The first step in my skin makeover was a professional chemical peel. I purchased 3 peels for $150  from a well known med spa in Atlanta.  (if you live in the Atlanta area please email me at for info ) I’ve only had the first one done and it was three months ago.  I get the next one in two weeks. The first one took about 5 minutes max to administer.  It was a weird tingly warm feeling more so than a burning and the tech made me feel super confident that all my skin wasn’t going to fall off into the floor.  I left the office with directions to stay out of the sun for a full week or so until my peeling ceased and to never go without SPF again because sun causes alot of our spotting and skin damage. The peeling lasted for about 5 -7 days it wasn’t ungodly looking at night I still went and ran errands I needed to perform without feeling like an oddity.  After a week I felt like a brand new women my skin looked better than it had in literally 15 years. I had a glow and most of my larger dark marks were gone. I can’t wait for the last two peels.

For my minor dark marks that are more superficial I am currently using Jade Fox & Co ( @jadefoxco) FineApple mask/serum it is my favorite product.  If I had to throw away all my facial regime I’d prob die if they found my Fineapple. It’’s fruit acid based and super gentle I use it twice a week.  Once a week I go to sleep in it and wipe it off in the morning and once a week I wear it while in the shower and wipe it off when I get out. It’s gotten rid of some of my minor spots and keeps me with a dewy glowy look.  I will have to stop using this product two weeks before my next acid peel. (GIVEAWAY ALERT- any one who reads this blog and purchases using my “WYLDE” code for 20% off at Jade Fox Co will be entered into a giveaway random drawing on Sunday for a free Fineapple from Jade and Gift Box from meeee)

Chin Hair- So some of you may be comfortable with the hairs on your “chinny chin chin” but I wasn’t.  The same tech that does my acid peel administered my laser hair removal services. Because I am a woman of color we went with the “Candela Yag”  If you are a woman of color it’s important to find a tech that deals with your skin type and has the proper machines. There are lots of hair removal lasers that will NOT work on a woman of color.  The facial hair removal process took about 2-5 minutes tops. The pain of getting my nipple pierced was worst. It felt like maybe 10 rubber band pops against my skin. I was red for about an hour once leaving and was again told to use SPF daily FOREVER and to stay out the sun for a week to allow my skin it’s rest and recoup time.  From the first session I saw a 75% decrease in hair and what grew back was super fine. Since the second session I am at about 85%. I see NO cons to this procedure. I had no negative side effects.

Acne- at night I wash my face with Jade Fox Co “Liquid Gold” if I feel a slight bit of eczema or acne coming I mix in a tiny bit of pure black soap.  (I NEVER use straight black soap on my skin as it can cause dryness or burning when used improperly. In the morning I wipe my face with generic UNSCENTED baby wipes.  I do not use a cleanser again in the morning. Also when a breakout occurs I leave bumps the FUCK ALONE. On the rare occasion I get one I no longer touch them I let time and face care take care of them.  I’d rather have a bump for 1-2 days that a scar for years.

Diet is also a big part of your skin care.  Alot of my acne was diet based. I gave up sugar with the exception of 1-2 servings of low sugar fruits a day.  I guzzle water like a camel dehydrated after a desert run. I don’t drink juices and sodas anymore. I also stay away from greasy and fried foods because they things were showing through my skin.

Eczema- at night after washing my face while I am still damp I use my Calendula Serum (which I now have available for sale) mixed with 100% shea butter.  The Calendula is okay for day time use also, the shea butter is NOT it is too heavy for day time wear. For day time moisture I mix my Calendula serum with La Roche Posay SPF moisturizer.  I have not had a flare of eczema in over 6 months.

SPF- I wear sunscreen everyday.  I use La Roche Posay because it’s sensitive and great for problematic skin  but Neutragena has a cheap one for about $7 that’s awesome. NEVER go a day without sunscreen, wear hats at the pool and the beach.  Protect your skin it’s the largest organ you have.

Hygiene/ Linen- I use a new wash cloth on my face every night.  I don’t use the same wash cloth I use on my body that I use on my face.  I also change my pillow case 2x a week and every morning spray it with Jade Fox Co linen spray.

I am more confident now that I have an established regime.  I feel more confident on camera and posting myself. I feel better talking to people in public. Your skin is the first thing people see.  It’s speaks for you sometimes. If you are having skin issues and not sure what to do please reach out to @jadefoxco she does skin consults.  Alsoooo she rocks so much she is letting you all have 20% off all orders when you use the code “WYLDE” until Saturday at midnight EST. So get on it!

Not the best picture lol but yall better take it.  This picture is from August 31st, 2018. I’ll post another compare and contrast pic in two months. :)