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Elderberry Tincture: Use and Benefits

Holistic HealthDaVina HarveyComment

Cough syrup from CVS is cool if that’s what you are into… (please read the sarcasm in that statement) but elderberry tincture is better!

Ingredients: elderberry , cinnamon , ginger , rose hips (liquor base/ apple cider vinegar )

USES: pre-flu/cold symptoms take the tincture to ward off the flu, while you actually have the flu or a cold take the tincture, some research suggests that it might help with those who have herpes and do not want to take prescription medicines. I started using it personally when I had strep throat and did not want to take antibiotics because my vagina doesn’t like them.

Warning: not for pregnant women, not for breast feeding mothers, not for children 3 and under.

Dosage: adult and children directions are included on the packaging. There are separate directions for when you are doing prevention and for when you are already sick.

Price List:

1) Adult 4 oz bottle tincture: $25 (liquor based)

2) Children 2 oz bottle $18 (apple cider vinegar based)