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My New TOY! Orlena Clitoral Suction Vibrator

SexualityDaVina HarveyComment

Listennnnn I have had sex toys since I was a masturbating teenager.  My cousins girlfriend snuck me into a sex store when I was 16 and she was like 18/19 and brought me my first toy.  She said she would rather me be at home with a toy then out in the streets lol.  Little did she know that it would cause a lifelong obsession for finding the perfect masturbatory tool.  

 Until I ordered the "Orlena" my favorite toy was the rabbit.  I would pay $20-80 for a rabbit of different brands and after 3-6 months they would die on me.  They would stop rotating, or kill batteries in 20 minutes (hell sometimes my sessions run long), or they would just conk out completely after a while.  Some of the toys did great but none of them accomplished what this vibrator did.  This toy is the "LESBIAN MOUTHS" of toys.... and if you ladies have ever experienced it...nothing beats a lesbian mouth.

The reviews on amazon and on google of this toy are amazing! And it beats paying $70-200 for it's upscale cousin at the boutique sex shops.  Because who wants to pay that much that fucking much for an orgasm????  It's on amazon for $35 free PRIME shipping and arrives in 1-2 days.  I was stalking amazon waiting for my sweet baby to arrive.

When it came the box was super discreet.  I was happy about that don't want my holy mail lady knowing I'm about to knock my own walls down do I?  It was super easy to figure out how to figure out how to charge it (and it came with a free charge ...YAY NO MORE BATTERY RUNS OR STEALING BATTERIES OUT OF REMOTES) it took about 30-45 mins to fully charge although it says give it 1-2 hours.  Once it charged I was so excited to try it.  I laid down not even aroused (ie...wet) and placed it on my man in the was amazing five seconds was enough for me to know that I was in love.  

I think if I was handcuffed and a partner was holding it to me the experience would be a little better because sometimes it feels so good I can't keep my hand still.  It's is def an item I would add to the newly forming BDSM treasure trunk.  I used it for about 5 minutes on low while watching porn and had a mini gusher orgasm.

Ladies I give this a 5/5 star... I'm happy! 

PS- if you order one please leave a review on amazon as this is a new company and mention that you heard about it from @breewylde in the review.  Thanks ladies.  IF you have any sex toys or products you are in love with please shoot me an email.