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Pt 2 of the Orlena: How I Use Mine + Finding My Clit

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Your pussy is complex… we will spend years mastering makeup artistry, hair styles, and dance moves but won’t spend the same time with our vagina. (and trust me  learning your vagina is way more fun that any of the arts above) I have had over thirty women let me know that they had purchased the “Orlena” clitoral suction vibrator and I have had so many happy “I soaked the bed” or “my hubby is jealous” reviews but I have also had a handful of ladies that let me know they experienced slim to nothing with the use of this life saving toy.  That tells me one of two things… 1) you nerves are fucked and you could burn your clit with the raging fires or hell and you wouldn’t feel anything in which case you need to seek medical help OR 2) you don’t know how the fuck to drive your vagina.


Your vagina isn’t just a fucking hole.  You don’t ask her to get wet, stick something in it 20 times, and the “wallaaaa” and orgasm happens.  You have your labias (both majora / and minora ) in this entry we will call them “lips”, your clitoral hood, and your actual clit.  You have a bunch of other shit going on down there also but baby steps we will talk about those other parts another time, for this we are going to focus on the parts this toy loves on.  


If when you decide to use the Orlena you are not already lubricated grab some of your favorite lube ( I generally purchase mine which is organic and seaweed based from @vavavoomllc ) and give you your about a dime size amout to rub around between your lips and around your clit.  I also put 1-2 drops inside the white suction “mouth” of the vibrator. Start the vibrator on level 1 open your lips gently push your hood back or away from your clit and apply the mouth or the Orlena to the actual bulb of the clit (the fleshy round baby penis looking part). It might not be perfect the first time...Hell I’m a masturbation queen and sometimes I still have to feel and readjust to get things lined up perfectly.  The first time you feel like that intense “lightening bult” or “I am going to piss if I keep doing this” feeling you know you have it right! Continue on that spot and as you can take it speed the levels up.


When I have it placed correctly and I’m in the grove I do one of two things.

1- I squeeze my walls and muscles together on the inside as if I’m doing kegels and I hold it together the whole time I’m vibing myself


2- I push out like I have to pee and I hold the feeling for as long as I can while I’m holding the vibrator on my clit.

Either way I do it even when the feeling gets super itense and I get the urge to move the toy off of direct contact I still hold it there.  It’s hard you might scream and you might make some ugly ass Jurassic Park dinosuar type noises but in the end it is worth it. I generally can orgasm within 1-3 minutes tops and 50% of the time I can squirt when using one of the two methods above.


I have included a quick video and a few pics explaining where the different vagina parts are the I mentioned above are located… feel free to use the comment section below and share this article and toy idea with a friend.

NOTE: The photo below is a slide show. Click the photo to see more pics.