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  I am a cuddle freak.  I love to cuddle. Until the last year and some change I never really paid much attention to how much nonsexual, consensual, positive touch meant to me.  I took for granted that I was raised in a family that touched ALL the time. I have a brother who at 30 years old will still fall asleep on my shoulder (drooling of course), or nieces and nephews that pile up on the sofa with me like puppies.  I took for granted that I have friends that will sleep with me and hug me all the time. I took it for granted until my business started to pick up and I had less time to see my friends and family. I realized when the touch went missing just how much was missing from my life.

 I started attending cuddle events a little over a year and a half ago.  A private cuddle session here, a cuddle party there, then here and there quickly escalated into a minimum of once a month type hobby.  I have NOT had a negative experience yet. Saturday was one of my most memorable experiences as of yet. I often search for random meetups in my area and while searching a few weeks ago I happened upon Kesha’s Cuddle group.  I spoke with her multiple times about her event over the course of the few weeks. She was so warm. When the day of the event came I walked into her beautiful home with its common spaces covered with pallets, pillows, blankets, and mats.  The lights weren’t quite dim but they weren’t harsh, there were positive affirmations all over the walls, yummy looking food laid out on one of the islands, and the best part SMILES on every face when I walked in.

 When I walked in (15 mins late) the group was going over the welcome exercises and discussing consent.  I will say if you attend a cuddle event that allows strangers/ or non-vetted members to attend and they don’t discuss consent you should probably run.  In a touch based event where strangers are involved if you do not discuss consent or have ground rules laid down it could possibly lead to unwanted or uncomfortable touching which is the exact opposite of the reason the events are held.  I quickly scanned the room and spotted a huge cushion that could prob hold about 4 people and only two people where sitting on it so I sat down next to them. Everyone I saw was wearing comfy clothing. Sweats, pajamas, tshirts etc nothing constricting or super dressy.  Who wants to cuddle in shit they can barely breath in?

 After the welcoming exercises were done, consent rules discussed, and basic rules given the cuddling began.  As much touch as I love to give and receive you would think that I would jump right into an embrace. But nope that is not the case it generally takes me a little chatting and vibing to get to it.  The first half hour found me with my feet in a massage therapists lap getting a quick impromptu yummy feeling massage and another ladies feet in my hands. We talked about touch, love, monogamy, massage, and tantra.  By the time finished chatting and foot loving most of us were comfortable and started buddying up in mini cuddle puddles.

Some cuddle puddles had one person cuddled with a blanket and pillow (Single cuddles are allowed), some had two people, some had three, I even saw a puddle that had four.  I saw man on man, female on female, and male on female touch. I love that everyone regardless of gender, race, or age seemed to be sharing touch. At one point I was in a seated something like Indian style hugging embrace and I cried.  It was a sweet warm tight hug and I needed it. I felt nothing but love. I felt like I owed nothing back for the awesome love he was showering me with and I felt like his love was given freely. Later on in the night I found myself in a position where I felt the touch of three people and I had tiny sensual butterflies fluttering around in my tummy.  The sensual energy made me feel absolutely NO GUILT. The fact that the race, age, and gender of those touching and embracing me didn’t matter and I still felt sensual energy did not bother me either. As a grown woman who embraces consensual touch, love, my body, and sensuality I know longer feel guilt over healthy feelings. But as it was a nonsexual party I let the pleasant feelings be felt and DID NOT start gyrating my hips or grinding lol.  (There’s other types of parties for that).

  I had so much fun at the party Saturday.  I can not wait to link with some of the people I connected with for other classes and events outside of cuddling.  I was happy I was able to give love and be loved. I currently am offering cuddle sessions in the Atlanta, Columbus, and Charlotte areas. I am also going to be hosting cuddle parties starting this May.  The first party will be in Atlanta. If you would like to find out more about cuddle sessions and parties please email me at subject: Cuddle Me.  Here’s a special surprise for those who read my blog today the first two Atlanta and Columbus (two for each city) people to email me about a cuddle session will receive a free hour long cuddle session.  

Until next time if you don’t hear it from anyone else I LOVE YOU.


Elderberry Tincture: Use and Benefits

Holistic HealthDaVina HarveyComment

Cough syrup from CVS is cool if that’s what you are into… (please read the sarcasm in that statement) but elderberry tincture is better!

Ingredients: elderberry , cinnamon , ginger , rose hips (liquor base/ apple cider vinegar )

USES: pre-flu/cold symptoms take the tincture to ward off the flu, while you actually have the flu or a cold take the tincture, some research suggests that it might help with those who have herpes and do not want to take prescription medicines. I started using it personally when I had strep throat and did not want to take antibiotics because my vagina doesn’t like them.

Warning: not for pregnant women, not for breast feeding mothers, not for children 3 and under.

Dosage: adult and children directions are included on the packaging. There are separate directions for when you are doing prevention and for when you are already sick.

Price List:

1) Adult 4 oz bottle tincture: $25 (liquor based)

2) Children 2 oz bottle $18 (apple cider vinegar based)