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When Love "PAYS" For a Visit

The PoemDaVina Harvey1 Comment

When Love “PAYS” For a Visit

paul said a wet pussy and dry purse didnt match

so i made sure that my well which ran deep with sweet waters

and my clutch kept close stepped out always coordinated

crimson toes scarlet lips carmine finger tips

telltale signs

because the elders said only nurses of the night wore red

painted the way for a never emptying bag

3am awake

9am awake

then wide eyed again for their pm twins

fully resting never

waiting and fiending from visits from new friends bearing gifts

sleep isnt needed when love visits constantly


rest what not possible when love came calling with the sun and the moon to “pay” for a visit

wet pussy

gave way to wet eyes

water and pain soaked eyes

because not even golden coins that fill coffers could caulk

the cracks of a broken woman

This is the first poem I decided to share from the book I am currently working on publishing. (Working because yes damnit it’s hard to pick what goes in and to not critique your own words to death.) The book is a mixture of poems, journals entries, and short stories that I have written over the last five years. “When Love PAYS For a Visit” was written when I was trying to figure out how I felt about my years working in the sex industry. There are days when I would not trade the experience for the world… then their are days where I feel it was one of the worst decisions I ever made. I’m flakey like that… I’m a human. This was obviously written during a period where there was more hate than love towards my past career. There was a year of my life during the time I was escorting that my days ran together like a run on sentence. I would literally stay in my hotel room for two to three days at a time and not leave. I brought gallons of water, ordered room service, and sat naked, in a towel, or in lingerie separated from the world. I alternated between sleeping and seeing clients. I wasn’t happy. Life was all work… I was alone…it was during that time that I also hid my career choices from my friends and family. Rather than lie or attempt to make excuses. I felt shame and because I felt that I disappeared from weeks and months on end. I’d love to hear some critiques or feedback on the poem :). (if sending critiques on the poem please send it to , if you are just commenting leave it in the comment section below.

Thanks Bree